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Wire Tealight Holder


These Wired Tealight Holders are perfect for the tables of cafes and restaurants. Inexpensive, practical and minimalist.

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Iron Dining Table Decor


These simple iron decor pieces are perfect for home dining tables, restaurants, bars, cafes and more!

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12pc Cocktail Set & Stand


This beautiful 12-piece Cocktail Shaker Set includes everything you need to make a broad range of wonderful cocktails, in the comfort of your own home or bar area! Includes a wooden storage stand too!

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Remote Controlled Tea Lights


These Battery Powered Tea Lights are incredibly realistic and feature a remote-controlled on/off function.

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Fireproof Heat Resistant Gloves


These Fireproof Heat Resistant Gloves are extremely versatile and are great for both BBQs as well as ovens and home grilling.

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The ‘Fuckening’ Mug


The Fuckening Mug is perfect for a little office banter and makes for a great gift idea!

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Metal BBQ Skewers Set


These Metal BBQ Skewers are great for making kebabs and can be reused time and time again.

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BBQ Oil Brush Bottle


The BBQ Oil Brush Bottle makes basting meats, grills and pans a quick and easy task!

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