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Remote Controlled Cabinet Lights


Introducing our innovative self-adhesive, battery-powered LED cabinet lights – a perfect solution for enhancing your home’s ambiance.
Cordless, self-adhesive, dimmable and energy efficient!

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Plastic Disposable Partyware (125pc)


Introducing our Plastic Disposable Partyware bundles – the epitome of convenience and elegance for your gatherings!
Crafted from high-quality plastic, each set comprises 125 pieces, ensuring a hassle-free experience for 25 guests. Say goodbye to flimsy paper plates!

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Ozone Generator (Water & Air)


Introducing our Portable Active Ozone Generator – your all-in-one solution for clean air and ozonated water.

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KT BabyBlend Mini


Introducing the KT BabyBlend Mini  – your versatile kitchen companion for effortless food preparation!

This compact powerhouse is perfect for blending leftovers, raw foods and adult portions into baby-smooth meals.

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HydroGenius 3000 Hydrogen Water Bottle


Introducing the HydroGenius 3000 Hydrogen Water Bottle: an innovative device specifically designed to produce hydrogen-rich water, contributing to both health and beauty!

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Creative Slimline Portable Table Light


Introducing the Creative Slimline Portable Table Light, a cordless lamp designed to illuminate your surroundings with style and convenience.

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Faraday Fabric (EMF Shield)


Introducing our Faraday Fabric, engineered to provide unparalleled protection against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF). An extremely cost effective way to shield large devices!

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Hydrogen Gym Water Bottle 1.5L


Introducing our 1.5L Hydrogen Gym Water Generator Bottle – the ultimate companion for those seeking revolutionary hydration!

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